Ether-dream ILDA

Hi All

does any of you have any experience with the ether-dream ILDA interface? looks pretty clever with network instead of USB.



did you find a way to feed the ether dreem?

works very well to my knowledge:

problem solved :) (yes it works) thanks anyway

Hi all, mostly @tonfilm

I get red nodes when running the help file, the EtherDream node is red. It references the file: “\bin\release\VVVV.LaserDAC.dll” and the folder \release does not exist.

Could someone give me some directions to getting this working?


I’m having the same problem @sunep has. Does anybody know how to fix it?


Opening the LaserDAC (Devices) help.v4p falls back onto the VVVV.LaserDAC.csproj as dynamic plugin …

If you really need the dll, open up the solution in VS and set the configuration to Release, build it, done.

Hey there,

My turn to try out the EtherDream node!

I do have the EtherDream node ok (both not-red-dll or dynamic versions) but I can’t see any activity from the Etherdream; and also in Wireshark I cannot monitor any frame out to port 7765 which I read was the listening port of Etherdream.

If I use the dynamic version though, I can read from a TTY that it could not load EtherDream.dll, while it sits in the same folder.
I also tried adding a reference to the file from the Project Browser (CTL-J) but it doesn’t help.

Any ideas?


Found out it works out of the box with vvvv x86.
So I guess the problem is the Etherdream.dll is only x86 right?
Do you guys confirm that, or does any of you got it to work on x64?

Right, x86 only…

Hey @tonfilm ,

Yeah Jacob from Etherdream confirmed the dll was x86; but said we could compile it as x64 from the source on Github, so I might look into that later to spare running a separate instance.

I think something might not work as expected in the blanking feature though. When drawing distinct shapes (like the 2 circles from your help patch) points are still being drawn during the travel between end of shape 1 and start of shape 2. (probably just a matter of adding extra pause).

That’s something I can look into and share the changes if I get anything interesting.
But I can’t have the dynamic plugin to compile. Even if I add a reference to the dll in the Project manager, I get a “CS0009 error: can’t open metadata file”. Is there something I’m missing?
First time I’m linking extra dll’s in a dynamic plugin, so please excuse if that’s a noob question :)


All good!

  1. I found out the problem was the dll being unmanaged, which thus couldn’t be added as a regular reference and required a proper wrapper. I’ll probably write a little forum post right after that as a “third-party-dll-in-plugins 101” in case someone is stuck in similar situation.

  2. As a free bonus, attached is a x64 version of the EtherDream.dll that I compiled from source, in case anyone needs it.

T (181.8 KB)


that’s very nice…

have you seen this node, it should contain everything, including a wrapper for the EtherDream.dll:

was it missing something or what is the reason that you want to write your own c# wrapper?

Yes indeed!
See my above:

  1. I was looking for a 64 version to spare having a separate instance
  2. I think there’s something to fix (or improve?) regarding blanking

For that reason I was trying to get the dynamic plugin version to compile; and now I’m all set!
I’ll post my findings here for sure!

ah, you are starting from the code base, makes sense. so if you have an update… please make a pull request from your fork on the repo. thanks!

guys I need one of those interfaces
how much are they ?

I’d love to try, but I get red node for EtherDream.dll as well, any hints ?

hi joanie,

it only works with 32-bit vvvv. latest code on github should work fine it was used recently by

you could contact them and ask how they did it… to my knowledge they even used multiple devices at once.

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Is this supposed to work with Etherdream2 ?

if the software api is the same in this dll then yes: