ErrorFinder theme for Gamma

This is a theme for Gamma that sacrifices all usability for one function: Making it easier to find red errors on nodes, pins and links.

The idea is you would switch to this theme for a short time when there is a small red pin you know is there but cannot see.

Tested with 2021.4.12

ErrorFinder Theme

Original Dark theme

To install

  • Download the zip here (2.4 KB)

  • Open your gamma install > go to the hamburger menu top right > click themes > click ‘explore’ to open your current theme folder (Note if you are sometimes switching between preview and stable you will have two folders for gamma and gamma-preview)

  • extract the css file from the zip into the theme folder

  • In the themes section of the hamburger menu you can now select the theme


  • If you have issues with any theme then edit your settings.xml file at
    C:\ (user)\Documents\vvvv\ (Gamma) or (Gamma-Preview)\settings.xml
  • Find the entry for ‘stylesheet’ and make the value blank to return to default theme


  • Anyone who is interested feel free to improve this
  • I could not work out how to change the stroke width on error links, these are still difficult to see due to the stroke being so thin.
  • I could not work how to darken the dots in the center of typed pads. I thought it should be .typeannotation but it does not seem to have an effect.

Bump! I use this regularly; it should come on a hotkey with gamma vanilla. Ever searched for that one red pin in a large patch?


Wow, how cool is that. Didn’t see that at all…

It’s indeed hard to find errors. They really need to be in a list that you can click to navigate to them like in any other IDE.

Related: Latest 5.3-previews are shipping with a new Error View (Ctrl+E) window. It is still in the works but already available for testing.