Error with videoIn node on windows 7

Hey guys,

first thread here, but I’ve been banging my head against this for a couple of days now. I have a patch that I made in 21 that I’m trying to run in 251b. I’m getting a ton of memory address error when using the videoIn node, whether using an attached USB webcam(logitech webcam deluxe), or the built in webcam(facetime cam for macbook pro). These errors eventually lock the program completely up, and then the entire OS. I have to do a hard reboot everytime I use this patch.

I just reinstalled windows 7 x64, know I have DX9c, and .Net351. I ran crack and vvvv as admin the first time, and have gone through Kaelle’s Win7 tweaks to try and resolve the issue. Hopefully I’m missing something here, any help? I’d love to use 251 just for the greater script/code support, but it’s unusable without videoIn support.

try to
*delete the VideoIn
*save the patch
*restart vvvv
*create a new VideoIn

I’ve had issues too, the format pin will occasionally say null red node, mostly still work, but not always…
And have had nightmares with a basler gige cam where it would break and then not work even after deleting and remaking the node ( this was when trying to set the resolution ) Finally got it working and mostly its fine, occasionally on restart its null again in the format, this with a permanent install in a country 7 hrs flight away…
I’ve now left the server running rather than shutting down at night and all is well, but obviously not ideal… The patch is fine, its just seems to be the initialisation that is a problem, I’ve even got it disabled until the patch is loaded and then starting…

Kalle’s suggestion is def the way to go though, I got it working that way and then didn’t touch that subpatch again!