Error when exporting application with 5.3-164

Hey there,

Writing a supersimple app just using ImGUI.

Getting this error when trying to build :

Cleaning build directory (D:\Documents\vvvv\gamma-preview\Exports\src)
Generating project files (this may take up to a few minutes)
Building projects
dotnet publish -c Release --self-contained false /clp:ErrorsOnly /nologo "D:\Documents\vvvv\gamma-preview\Exports\src\TestImageSequenceGenerator\TestImageSequenceGenerator.csproj"
Unable to build D:\Documents\vvvv\gamma-preview\Exports\src\TestImageSequenceGenerator\TestImageSequenceGenerator.csproj. Reason:
C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\7.0.203\NuGet.targets(132,5): error : Ambiguous project name 'TestImageSequenceGenerator'. [D:\Documents\vvvv\gamma-preview\Exports\src\TestImageSequenceGenerator\TestImageSequenceGenerator.csproj]

There was a problem exporting your Application.
Please report the problem by clicking "Copy To Clipboard" to copy the above details to your clipboard and pasting it to us via forum or chat.

Can share the patch in private if need be.


EDIT : Can be fixed if changing the name of the VL doc to something different than the C# project name. In my case, Renamed the VL doc to something different, opened it, pressed F10 and got it working instantly.

You say different than the C# project name - what C# project? Just exported a random ImGui help patch and it worked just fine.

Oopsie, forgot to mention I had some C# utils next to this project. The solution was generated with the Wizard, with all default settings.

Wrote this post a bit in a rush, here are the repro steps :

  • Open a fresh VL doc and save it somewhere
  • Click New/C# File, don’t change any settings and just click Create
  • Save the C# solution
  • Go back to vvvv, press F10 and start an export, you’ll get the error

Ah yes ok thanks. The wizard should probably pick a better name.