Error when exporting application in vvvv 6.4

Im programming a VJ/Live Visual game with vvvv for a university project, but I keep getting an error when I try to export the application. Within the patch itself everything is working and nothing indicates an error, but I try to export it, I get this cryptical message:

Cleaning build directory (C:\VS2\src)
Generating project files (this may take up to a few minutes)
Building projects
dotnet publish -c Release --self-contained false /clp:ErrorsOnly /nologo “C:\VS2\src\VS2Test\VS2Test.csproj”
Unable to build C:\VS2\src\VS2Test\VS2Test.csproj. Reason:
C:\Users\myName.nuget\packages\stride.core.assets.compilerapp\\buildTransitive\Stride.Core.Assets.CompilerApp.targets(153,5): error MSB3073: Der Befehl ““C:\Users\myName.nuget\packages\stride.core.assets.compilerapp\\buildTransitive..\lib\net8.0\Stride.Core.Assets.CompilerApp.exe” --disable-auto-compile --project-configuration “Release” --platform=Windows --project-configuration=Release --compile-property:StrideGraphicsApi=Direct3D11 --output-path=“C:\VS2\src\VS2Test\bin\Release\data” --build-path=“C:\VS2\src\VS2Test\obj\stride\assetbuild\data” --package-file=“C:\VS2\src\VS2Test\VS2Test.csproj” --msbuild-uptodatecheck-filebase=“C:\VS2\src\VS2Test\obj\Release\stride\assetcompiler-uptodatecheck”” wurde mit dem Code 1 beendet. [C:\VS2\src\VS2Test\VS2Test.csproj]

Pls help me where to look for the problem!
Greetings, VJ.Monkeyman

Thanks for reporting this. We are already working on a solution. In the meantime the following workaround should get you going again:

  1. From within vvvv open the nuget command line (Manage Nugets → Commandline)
  2. nuget install System.Security.Cryptography.Pkcs -version 6.0.4
  3. copy System.Security.Cryptography.Pkcs.6.0.4\lib\net6.0\System.Security.Cryptography.Pkcs.dll %userprofile%\.nuget\packages\stride.core.assets.compilerapp\\lib\net8.0

The export should work now.

Just for reference here is the original Stride issue. Once there’s a new release of Stride, we can do a new release as well and can close this issue.

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