Error using VL node in vvvv


I thought I’d make a new thread out of this:

Here’s my patch (it’s part of a project that will be opensourced anyway): (47.0 KB)

Basically open the Sheets.v4p file, and the SheetList node is red. No idea why. TTY just says ‘Reference not set to an instance of an object’.

There is a class called Sheet. The node SheetList keeps track of sheets, holds a dictionary of sheets with timestamps and IDs, and lets you update sheets with new information. You give it a spread of Sheets, it gives you back a spread of Sheets.

When I try to change the type of anything from Record to Class, or back, I get also get an error. I made everything in there a Record now so it can all be available in vvvv (whether we want that with the Sheet class or not)

If you’re not able to reproduce I’ll be more specific!


Thanks dominik for the example patch! Fixed in upcoming builds (>= 4732752cbb).

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