Error simulationstage

Hello, I have a problem with the attached patch.
FINALE.vl (89.5 KB)

The simulationstage is pink

and when I try to replace it everything works correctly but the probabilityemitter becomes pink too
Screenshot 2024-02-05 174554
Can someone help me with this patch?
(it is a particals mp4, you can see it working by picking a .mp4 from your personal library)

Is there any reason to put simulation stage to compute stage 2?

You are probably just mess with the example. Try to rebuild it from scratch, or just putting simulation stage with the group of emission stage.

Hello Yar, thanks for reply. Which version are u using? I’m using the -pre 6.0 and even if I link the simulationstage to the group it doesnt work. Can you pls send the patch you tried to modify and tell me which version of gamma are u using?

Can u send me the patch and the version u are using to open it pls?

You made a mistake here, just reconnect differently.