Error message of starting vvvv

Hello all,

I installed the vvvv then, i checked the crack.eve
the boxes were all red. so i installed External Libraries until they all get to green. then as I finally clicked the vvvv.eve. this error message showed up

’ helo, sorry i cannot start.
please run crack.exe to see what my problem is ’

but everything seems to fine in crack.eve. the boxes are all green…

why is this happening?? plz help me…

have you run vvvv at least once as administrator?

sorry, i just found this to be a bug of vvvv on startup which still checks for the presence of .net3.5 (where it should actually only check for .net3.5). there should be an easy fix for now: just also install the .net3.5 framework. thanks for the find!