Error Highlighting

Moving this from riot chat to here.
This one took me a while to figure out, I was looking in the wrong place all along.
At first I was thinking something went wrong On Create as I never got a State Output of the highlighted process node here:


After setting RuntimePauseOnError to true this wasn’t even highlighted anymore, I couldn’t get VL to run at all anymore (which is legit, given that there’s an error).
So the highlight on the Process node was missing, I got a red plugin node in vvvv and the same error in my Definition Patch:


After disabling RuntimePauseOnError again and deleting the seemingly broken Process node I got to this state:

The same error message moved on to ToString, at this time I found out it was actually the Decons trying to split a Spread of count 0. The first time I ran into this was when the Decons was still connected to something upstream (but still ended up having an empty Spread).

Maybe something can be improved on the error reporting here, it was quite misleading.

Indeed very misleading. Was always an issue that the pink nodes didn’t align 100% in the leaf-patch of the crash. My hopes are that this will improve with pending new backend which is based on C# and therefor debug symbols should align properly or at least as “bad” as we’re used from a normal debugger. I’ll write up an issue for that that I don’t forget to check this again.


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