Error "87" when installing build tools 2019

by @jzzxh:

I can’t install build tools 2019.

@jzzxh we have never seen this error, but you can download and install vs community build tools from here:

if you install that, does it show the same error?

@tonfilm It works, i think the older version build tools was installed it need upgrade manually.

Weird, I also just encountered this on a machine for the first time installing 2021.3.1

would be interesting to understand what the error is. I’ve tried it yesterday on a clean machine and it worked out well. when searching the web for this error, it seems to be a problem with the commandline arguments:

Error 87 is a standard error message from Windows Installer. The actual message string is ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER. This simply means that an invalid parameter was passed to the installer. This can happen if an unknown parameter ( AKA command line argument) is passed to the installer.

since jzzxh seems to have a Chinese system, which could mean that there is an unknown character in the path, it would interesting whether you have a user with weird paths or spaces in the name? or any other “non-standard” setup…

I have it on each of mine machines in the office, since a last month or so…
I just thought that I need to update VS.

For me it was an English system with no special characters in the user name …
On this machine Visual Studio and some old Gamma 2021.3 previes (and even a 2021.4 preview 002) was installed at some point in the past already.

that’s a good pointer, so we might have to reference a newer version then… did your machines have an older version or vvvv with build tools installed? or just an older version of the build tools?

Mostly those have a massive history of vvvv versions and build tools. Older vvvv versions I’m cleaning up from time to time, but build tools I never did.

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so I am having this Error, while installting the latestPreview 2021.4.0 … it’s a German windows, I had installed several Gammas on this Maschine before. Never had the problem.

Open the Visual Studio installer. If there are any updates apply them.

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I did so. thanks. Gamma is running

I got this same error when I installed 2021.4.0 RC2 (did not get it on RC1). Fix from @bjoern worked for me. The ‘visual studio installer’ was already an app on my PC.

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