Equal nil?

how can I compare a value to nil? something like = (Value) but that will accept nil as well. Basically the function is take a value and return 1 if input is == nil.

Using the Count (Value)?

PS:Sorry but I can’t manage to make a node link…

NIL node does already that, look at default value pin.

Hola Lasal
either I don t understand or you got my question wrong. AvoidNIL (spread) of course can tell me when the input is nil if I compare the default value to itself, but how can I distinguish between the default and the input ?
I could use a very unusual number as default or one I m sure I won t see on input, but it doesn t seem too elegant.
check the patch

nilornot.v4p (4.6 kB)

I use the method you´ve commented, i put a very high value as default (out of my range).
why isn´t it elegant? actually NIL nodes are based on the idea suggested by robe, count (value). ;)