Enumerations: String2Enum

i wouldt like to create a list (like a drop down menue) to load some patches and stuff…
is it possible to create my own enumerations with String2Enum dynamic?
and why does “linear” appear in my “haha” enum?
a help file or example how to use these enum nodes correctly would be very nice.

here’s the patch:

testenum02.v4p (2.6 kB)

hei armin,

the node you were looking for is not String2Enum (Enumerations) , but CreateEnum (Enumerations) . see its brandnew helppatch attached.

String2Enum helps if you want to select a specific value of an enumeration but you only have its string representation handy…

CreateEnum (Enumerations) help.v4p (7.2 kB)

geniaaal! very nice. thanks