Enumeration Exception (using Blur Perfector)

I turned up this exception. This one’s from a patch that uses a fairly long chain of texture filters.

‘BlurPerfector’ in particular seems like a culprit. The output looks like a normal map.

Side note, is there a performant way to change texture types? INTZ textures go in and out of texture filters as INTZ textures (unless I manually change the filter) and read the depth of the grid resulting in a blank white output.


vvvv.exe-exception-2012-08-07(TextureFilterProblem).txt (31.5 kB)

hei hadasi,
the exception alone does not help. we need a simple demo that causes this exception in order to be able to have a look at it.

Hello, sorry about the delay.

Seems you fixed the exception, although “BlurPerfector” module still gives a weird output. I think its one for the Shader Men.

Blur Perfector Probs.v4p (1.9 kB)