Enum Io in foreground

Create an enum Iobox, (attached to something) open it, switch to another program, or vvvv window, its ontop!
Hello Enum

not just alpha. has always been like that, as far as i remember

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Indeed, pretty annoying, should get away when patch loses focus as well.

Also really annoying, can mouse wheel be attached to it when active, like every single drop down list in the world ?


@catweasel not an alpha thingy indeed, but still fixed now in latest alphas.
@vux is that what you mean?

has always worked before win8 and was fixed to work again with b35. can you confirm?

@joreg, i think vux means, that when enum iobox selected you should be able to switch selected item with mouse wheel, i know that feature were there before, but i can’t find any predictable consistent way of switching enum entries with mouse wheel anymore …

If your mouse is out of the box, it switches back to scroll, and when you right click a pin by default you’re out of the box areas eg:

Plus all drop downs tend to support arrow to change selected element (like node list), here it just makes it disappear.

So all in all selecting enum is really painful.

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