Enum flags

Is there any way to work with enum flags in vvvv?
A plugin I’m working on expects such flags (I circumvented that by making multiple input toggles for different things, as it were only 4). But, the bad thing, it returns such flags, which causes A Lot Of Strange Things to happen.

E.g. nodes turning red, but still working; enums showing values directly at the pin (by hovering), but not in an IOBox connected to that pin; vvvv simply crashing.

For a basic explanation of enum flags see this:

I consider them quite useful, but wasn’t able to write a plugin “Enum Flags (Join)” and “…(Split)”. Thought the former would get a spread of enums and produce a enum (or int), and the latter would get a enum (or int) and produce a spread of enums. I’m not quite sure whether it may only be doable with reflection (too slow) or not.

i agree with you that flags are a very useful technique but i fear you’ll be out of luck trying to use vvvv’s enums that way. they simply weren’t designed for that usage scenario.