Enum beta36 mixed up?

we experience weird things happening with enums in beta36. nodes with red enum pins, not knowing of their enum lists or showing red enums with correct enum entries.

so i started investigating and tried connecting a font enum to enum2string. the result is shown in the screenshots. the enum switches to the list of all available enums instead of showing the relevant enum entries.

seems easy to provoke a mix up of enums or am i understanding something wrong here ?

pleeease share the patch!

test.v4p (1.8 KB)

ouright, in your patch you’re using the Enum2String (Enumerations Explicit) version which allows you to explicitly specify an enum (via inspektor) which propagates upstream and confuses the IOBox that in this case already has another enum connected.

use the Enum2String (Enumerations) instead in this case and you’ll see it just work as expected. note though that you cannot simply replace the node in your patch as the IOBox is already confused. also create a new IOBox!

the explicit version is rather to be used if you have an IOBox only connected to an Enum2String node as it then allows you to specify the enum you’re interested in.

ok, so i understand the node wrong.
investigating further. there is some bugger somewhere.

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