Enttec dmx pro - send issue

sending dmx data to enttec pro utility with no succes
got the patch from West
he mentions to get vcom drivers from the enttec page
only driver on there seems to be d2xx. is that the right one ?
someting else missing ?

hi ggml, it depends wich vcom drivers are used : previous 2015 or after. there is a real difference with them.
installing pro-manger should help you on that: https://www.enttec.co.uk/en/product/controls/dmx-lighting-control-software/pro-manager/

hi karistouf,

drivers are from 2013
manager tool is sending test signal, vvvv is not

same with drivers from 2017 from ftdichip

i could not find anything more specific in the pdfs

ok just try to reallocate in windows device manager the port com under ID 10. and see if it works

com port 10 still not responding to vvvv
still responding to the tester in dmx pro manager

probly not solving the problem. just for completeness:

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