Enttec dmx in

hi !
is there need (or not) to have an exe->udp sending to vvvv dmx in from enttec ? or are the modules completely satisfaying ?
i m mean just to simplify patches and subpatches ?
would you be interrested ?

If i works with the open DMX, then yes that would be great!

hi cat !
sorry sorry sorry but the open cant do it physically ( no opto isolation) neither in coding possibilities ( interface is not design for this with the chip form FTDI, or wonderboys-from-enttec would have done it…).

does anybody works in realtime with an enttec pro and vvvv ?

does anybody works in realtime with an enttec pro and vvvv ?

Yes, I do, with my older patch, made a small protable lightdesk for my own light/set up.

I also patched an Enttec pro DMX reciever (a bit lame, but it works), hope I can use it for a VJ set and get the DMX (light color) info from the lampy.

Dunno of your way works better…

Ow, and I am going to test the OpenDMX this week, do you do requests? A friend off mine has a Velleman dongle ;)

Anyway, thnx for all your work :)

hi west. thanks first.

no i have no special inquiry, normally it should work, i had once upon a time an open, and the code is coming from that old time.
but its better to here from user if it works. so i will wait for delighting news.

Velleman: I m completely open to developp around other hardware, it will be usefull for community.
just one thing: i need the device under the hand. wich means the interface has to be sended by post and will come back after code writting. if a velleman owner is in france, could be simpler .

Enttec pro: maybe on slower machine or with a “in need of big ressources patch”, an external exe with udp transmission could be interresting.
I have low machines, so I m discovering in fact that hardware communication is slowing really vvvv on them. thanks to kalle for his advice and to have pointed this.
i will try to find some times to write the dmx in exe, for fun and test.

and get the DMX (light color) info from the lampy.
are you talking about rdm ?

About the Velleman, nop can’t do, it is a fixed insalation in a small club, he uses the Free chamsys, but it is hell to programm those LEDs they have to do anything worthy. It was just I can pick up a Velleman from a shop IF my Enttec will explode (again).

Some idiot soldered wrong cables, and now my Open DMX dongle is broke, but I got one from a collegue now.

Speed is important when pumping DMX in a smooth way to some LEDs, so I am sure your way is way better :)

are you talking about rdm ?

I googled RDM, and not not sure what you mean ;)

But just imagine you are going to VJ in a CLub, and your screen is beside some ColorWash (or LEDs), making colors, you ask the Light conmtroller (lampy) what the DMX channel is for the colors, recieve them, translate to vvvv color (with LED, just RGB, otherwise use the manual off the lamp) and use those colors to match your Visuals.

Anyway, I am working on some art-project with some moving-heads and a wii :D

rdm is feedback ( my lamp is dead, my fuse is off, im on dimmer law 2, …) see enttec Pro Rdm ( red one).

I never worked with leds, i m more in the hallogen field… so what you tell me is interresting ;-)

consider buying a PRO, you will really protected ( your computer) ;-)

I also have a Pro, because vvvv didn’t suport my Open, well, untill you came allong :D

Never used feedback, don’t think any off the fixtures I own\use have that.

Thnx for the update, does it work with you UDP2DMX tool?

I made a little fix, so you always have 512 channels, it fills up the rest automatic. In vvvv it is easier to work with values between 0 and 1, but that is just mapping, so cool with that.

To_little_cat_udpsender_modified2.v4p (18.4 kB)

hi west, yes the patch updated works of course. thanks a lot for your modifications…
i need to go deeper inside of spreads techniques. doc is good, but i think i will come to next node if there is a special THINK SPREAD workshop…

clamping: i didn t understood until now the different ways of mapping… it s quite bastract actually for me what the are doing really …

link you give: hum… this is a long story ;-)

i dont know if it would be of any interrest, but you have also a module inside schwartzpeter to use with trichromie ( R G B) and a color picker, but on only 120 channels and 120 dimmers :-(

nevermind, if i well understood leds should be a piece of cake to use them with vvvv …