Enable / Disable Stride part of application via an Elementa Toggle

So this could be something very simple or very complex. Since i really have no idea heres the question:

I want to create a settings application for sensor calibration and OSC forwarding. For the Setup Process i will need a Stride Scene / Renderer as a Preview to be enabled. But once the Setup Process is done the Stride part of the application should close and be unloaded to save performance. The Elementa/skia Renderer should remain since it will act as some sort of osc router.

Since i have no idea how this should be done the right way, ive decided to follow my heart and do it the wrong way:

Any suggetions would be helpful, if this is too complex i will just split the application into one stride and one skia part.EnableDisableStrideScene.vl (23.1 KB)

Hey there,

Have a look at the Overview Window and Fullscreen explanation patch, there’s a SetWindowState node that does this.

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EnableDisableStrideScene.vl (35.2 KB)

Thx :) so the opening/closing part is working. Do i need to do anything else to make sure the stride part does not take up resources once its disabled? will it still take up RAM / CPU / GPU? It kinda feels too easy

i just added 2000 teapots ot check if it works. And it looks like it does :)



CPU and GPU drop instantly, Ram does not unload but maybe that just the editor?
kinda still dont belive it

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