Enable/Disable patch plugin and SendXMLSnippet strange error


I am trying to make proof of concept of General Enable/Disable node for
a patch/subpatch. The problem is that it does not give the same results as
if you click with the mouse on group node Enabled pin,
the renderer does not goes black. In the plugin I tried 3 different strategies
to disable nodes, but the most clean one with sendXMLSnippet gives me an error. Can some one check and give some idea why sendXMLSnippet does not work and why disabling a node from a plugin does not “update” the renderer properly? Thanks.

I do this small plugin to squeeze some little extra performance and easy to enable/diabsle subpatches, by just dropping one node: Enable.

P.S. Does anybody experienced FHDEHost.SendXMLSnippet returning:

PatchClass “id_of_my_patch” not found!

when the ID is obtained from node Self.ID in Parent Patch

the snipped:

<PATCH saveme="69"><NODE id="59"><PIN pinname="Enabled" values="0" /></NODE></PATCH>


Simple patch+plugin to show the probem (105.2 kB)

why don’t you (de)evaluate subpatches with that existing (hidden) pin?

quick shot: a patch class is identified via an absolut path to its file. ie. it is supposed to be a string like:
not a single node ID like you used.

hope that helps.

@sebl: I am not sure that I understand what you mean?
@joreg: Thanks.

edit: @sebl: I did not know about that hidden pin ;>

Here updated plugin, it uses PatchMessage to set Enabled pin.
I want the renderer window to go to black when for example Group Enabled is set manually to 0.
The renderer window is still not black, any ideas?


Patch enable/Disable plugin (118.5 kB)

what sebl meant:

change log vvvv45beta27
patches now can be disabled by setting the evaluate pin avaible on each patch to zero. by default this guy is only visible in the inspector, but it is an input that you can make visible in the patch and use it to dynamically disable patches.

@tgd: heh, Thanks. Well, that is much better ;) Was a good exercise for me ;)