Emulating Kinect data

Patching and at the same time gesturing in front of the Kinect can be sometimes challenging. I’m wondering if there is a simple solution to emulating the sensor, for example the skeleton. It would be convenient to playback skeleton data in a format that is similar to the MS skeleton for patching in order to simply change the input pins later. Has Anyone done that before?

You can record the data on a text file and then read back that text file.
Here is an example of reading back the data (sorry not sure where I placed the first part of the patch).

KinectEmulator.zip (98.1 kB)

Great! That’s exactly what I was looking for.
Do you remember how you patched the writer in order to create an appropriate txt-file? I’m running into two problems (so far): 1. The writer seems to record only the first frame. How to make it write the data continuously? 2. The text file uses minus instead of comma to separate the values. Test-Patch and txt-file attached.
Many thanks!

kinect-recoding.zip (2.7 kB)

collect the frames in a Queue (Spreads) before you write them

  1. Replace the bang with a toggle. Turn on during for the duration of the recording. That will solve your first problem.

  2. Change the encoding to system default. That will remove the “-” and instead there will be no space between the values. Then simply add a +(string) node and add a comma (,) between the asString and the writer.

Let me know if it works.


It works Perfect!
Attached the batches. In your patch I divided the value from the counter with 20 to get the time/duration of the sequence. The result seems to play a bit faster than the speed of the original recording (30sec recording vs. 25sec playback). Maybe its caused by frame dropping in the recording (or my wrong calculation). However, this already very helpful. Thanks a lot!

kinect-recoding-02.zip (74.4 kB)

What about Kinect studio?

It records color and depth, but seems not able to record skeleton data.