Empty patch after save! help!

this happened many times and still cant get the reason,
once it was my fault because i was tring to save the patch on a windows directory and without admin rigths the .v4p was never save, but this time its diferent

i just started i new proyect, i made 2 nodes, when i dock them toguether and i rezised bouth windows to be sure that they keep dock next time i open the proyect, the file its save, but when i open it, its empty… but the code its still on the v4p!
i was able to get the proyect back by renaiming the root02~.xml to root02.v4p . but still i cant get the work around. any help ?

so please post the .v4p here that still has the code inside but won’t open.

This happens sometimes to me too, only when I reload (when it’s recommended) a patch.
After a Shift+Alt+F4 hit, every thing then is fine, when reloaded.

I’m gonna dump old vvvv version installed, since I have experienced other odd, not replicable (since it seems they show up in a quite random way) behaviours; furthermore I think the problem is in my system, not in vvvv.

Anyway, running crack.exe and checking if everything was ok solved some issues.


This just happened to me too. Again!!!
The ~xml. for this patch is not in the folder where it should be. the .v4p is empty and opened as a text file I see why it is empty.

There is nothing more than that:

thats super bad. would be intersting what you did and what caused the save error.

for that and other reasons, everyone should use a version control system like git for important projects, so you can always roll back to any previous commit. git can also be setup locally. no need for a server. and if you need one bibucket offers free private repos…

thanks tf.

fortunately I’m an overly eager sub-patcher, so the damage is managable.

it’s the first time this save-bug seemed to happen to me in a long time. and right after I switched to 31.2. spoooky.
maybe it was some quirky saving error on my side due to heavy latenight patching. who knows.

will fire up a version control now. should have done that anyways.