Emit particles from edges

hi all,

I want to emit particles from the edges of my mesh. was thinking about 2d edge detect and using it on a mask on some kind of depth stencil? depth map? and emitting those areas in dx11.particles. or would you recommend manipulating the mesh and emitting its vertices? Or any other way, I am open to suggestions.

one way would be to clone the temptarget renderer with an RW structuredbuffer attached, so the edge detection pixel shader can append elements to that new buffer which then you can use for emitting particles

hi, I am quite new to work on this level. is there more documentation about that buffer or would you care to explain? I found no helppatch or girlpower.

I managed to create a worldtexture that emits the picture through the kinect emitter dx11.particles - but just 2d without depth. Is there a way to get a depth mask of my 3d scene, where I could get those values? maybe from a camera, and then bind the emitter to the cam?

Try depth reconstruction node, should be ok if your worldtex is ok also make sure it’s an Float point 32 bits format texture you output in to emitter

did you try the emitter layer node?
or is the example in girlpower/examples/AssimpGeometry something for you?

on DX11 plugin development

thank you guys!

emitter layer does exactly what I need, works internally with a depthreconstruction node. good node. still fun to code. will have a look at the vveekend workshops!


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