Embedded system for triggered video playback

Can anyone recommend a cheap embedded device (eg raspberry pi) capable of playing back 1080p+ video (ideally higher res so it could be split into 2 outputs using a DualHead2Go or similar)?

I would need to be able to trigger the playback of different clips remotely, ideally using osc / udp

Would the latte panda + vvvv combo nail this?

A bonus would be some gpio to control a couple of relays

hi @mrboni,
as you suggested, raspberry pi is way to go, use two of them in sync, much cheaper than dualhead.
there are plenty of open source video players for RPi, notably

it should be easy to emulate the synchronizing communication within vvvv either by sniffing the communication packets of player application or analyzing the source code. add your desired gpio functionality ftw.

Interesting. You think OMXPlayer would work for timed (ie lowish latency) triggering of video clips?

If I went the raspi route presumably I’d need to learn some python. Would it be fairly basic skills to set up the above? (udp video selection and playback / gpio pin activation for relay)

I did setups with more synchronized RPi, my impression was that the playback triggering had sub frame duration latency. This could be influenced by the codec as well. I needed no knowledge of Python (might be needed to add the GPIO functionality), just bit of googling to set the environment (startup and so on).

Great info, thanks

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