Eliminate camera from shadertoy's cloudshader

i am trying to eliminate the camera from the shadertoy’s cloud shader (sebl) as i would like to use a renderer camera (camera-transform softimage) to surf within the clouds. while trying, i encountered that my shader skills are not there yet. hence the thread to ask for help. maybe someone could tell me, if this is at all possible and if so push me into the right direction.
thx in advance!

clouds_1.zip (2.2 MB)

hi virtuos, for this typo code no promises, it’s gonna be much easier for u if u use a particle system for a clouds…

hi antokhio, this was my first idea as well and i had a look at the particle patches flying around on the contribution and node15 site. yet there was nothing that i could have used as a basis to work from. do you have a suggestion for a starting point?

@virtuos :

as a much better starting point, try to get a small rig that displays a raymarched sphere using camera, before to go into anything more complicated.

thanks for the hint to go back to the roots - first try to understand the applied raymarching. for now it looks as if i know where to start. thx.

i love the smell of vaporized voxels in the evening

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CloudSprite.rar (255.3 kB)

thanks a lot for your version. now i have 2 starting points to work from. this community is awesome. since the raymarch version is very consumtious at large resolutions, i’ll give this version a shot and try to understand sprite shaders. thx.