Elementa - resize textfield when expanding the text

Hello everyone :)
Is there a text-widget in VL.Elementa or Skia which gets resized when the text contained inside expanded to a larger number of words?

I’ m trying to use Elementa for a simple UI and coming from HTML, CSS and so on I’ m searching for something as simple as a normal paragraph with a changeable background.

I guess @dottore could help me out in this case… help from anybody is much appreciated :)

hello @willi_tsb ,
probably @sebescudie is the right person to ask about this.

hey there,

indeed, this is on the todo-list, along with some other stuff that should be improved with the text-field. let me see if I can fix this next week :)

Ah ok, thank you for the replies :)
I already worked on a quick solution, using the LineHeight of the incoming Textstyle in the Drawer of the Texfield element. I don’ t know if this is really the way to do this conveniently, but I will see…

I also have another question, if i may ask: whats up with the Taskable component? I tried to perform a onclick function on a image and this doesn’ t seem to work the way its intended to. I guess this is due to the “WIP” note in the helppatch, but chances are that i used the component the wrong way…
Currently i am using also a quick workaround for that by combining the hoverable component with the mousestate node.

I hope we’ll be able to release a new stable version of elementa this week, in which the task component works again as expected.
stay tuned

Ok nice, i’m looking forward to it :)

I did something similar with the widgets I posted here, maybe it helps.

Already had a look at it yesterday. Very nice structured extension @bjoern! Helped me a lot to understand a bit more about structuring in gamma… Isn’ t exactly what i was looking for, but also helped me to improve my custom widgets, thank you :)

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