Elementa flexible layout question

hi all,

I want two widgets to be fully flexible to the group container. the bottom widget should scale up on mouseover. but I do not understand which parameters I should use to set up its size correctly.


If I scale the size it does not stay proportionally correct, and when I modify the flexible parameter I am unable to control the size.

layoutwithhover.vl (53.5 KB)

Ah, that’s an interesting idea :)

I thought this should have been doable with a Taskable component in which you’d detect hovering and set the widget’s Flexibility from there. But for some reason the SetFlexibility operation is not available from outside of Elementa, even with IsFriend or when making the operation public.

Cannot promise when but I’ll try to have a look.

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My problem is that I do not really understand the behaviour of the stretching components. Please explain why you try to set the flexibility from outside. I thought I was already setting the flexibility.

Maybe @dottore could shed some light there because I always assumed it was based on proportions but it turns out it’s not.

Not sure what you mean by “from outside”. Have you checked the Taskable’s help patch? It shows how a Task can have access to the IElementum it’s connected to and thus modify it from there. My idea was to use that principle to set the Flexibility of the widget with a Task, which has the advantage of giving you a ready to use Component you could super easily use anywhere.

I get you now! thx for elaborating

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