Efficient way to fill matrix of vec4 with values

Hey folks,
I wondered if there is a faster way in coding and cheaper way to fill a matrix.
As far as i know smth. like a for/while loop is not existing, that´s why i filled a 23*7 matrix handish with vec4, but a faster way would be great! spreads in spreads maybe? But i don´t know. Although dynamic manipulation of data is quite hard in that file…
is it right there is id for every value in the node, and is it possible to use it as a pointer?
I send a picture of my dummy code, you will laugh :D it´s not realy generative, and the node started lagging while i coded…
thank´s for answers!

well i guess you can start of, with what exactly is an input, and what’s an output expected
can suggest you few nodes like Integral and cross advanced node, but it’s really not obvious what is your output

this can most probably done in a more easy way using the right spread operators:

especially have a look at bin size and vector size.

if that’s still too complicated, you have loops and all sorts of advanced collections and a proper type system like any other statically typed programming in VL:

yes! I think vl is good idea for this. thank`s

@antokhio I didn´t finalzied the node, cause I think it is not accessible enough. But the idea was to have the vec4´s, which are in the pinkgrid boxes an accessible container, in order to use the vectors for an output mask.

I think you have to try pipet dx.11
To make fried of cords for it use cross and linear spreads

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