Effects folder vvvv addons etc


Lately I am getting confused because I put all the dx11 shader into the vvvv folder /effects and they don’t show up in the node list…

Were do I put them to make them show up in the node list?

In packs/dx11/nodes/ is messy imo because then I have to sort it precisely and that doesnt work for me lol

Also I would not be able to dsitingusih them from the native nodes.

how are you doing it?

hei tekcor,

never change the content of any directory that comes with vvvv, the addonpack or any other pack!

all extra stuff has to be put in a seperate directory of your choosing and referenced via root. this is also explained here: nodes and paths

Okey but it seems to still only scan dx11 stuff that is in dx11, not in effects, correct observation?

thats something vux will have to answer.

since node factories in vvvv choose a folder, best is to create a dx11 folder, effects folder is for dx9 ones.

okey yea i had a closer look on it now and it requires some sorting:

dx11 for .fx
geom11 for .gsfx
texture11 for .tfx

Then it appears in the nodelist

Just as an extra thing to mention- I almost always find the gfsx files need a little patch wrapping, so it’s easiest to just save those in the same style as dx9 texture fx- the shader and patch together in a subfolder under a /modules. Then you just get the module in your list and not the shader but it will have access to the gsfx that sits next to it.