Eefd0b3f0f - can't connect mouse(global) to transform 2d

as soon as i try to connect the mouse X to the transform X as exception error pops up, also if i create a mainloop node and try to connect the 2 fps pis to one common iobox the same error pops up. node with id# cannot be in factory or as a filename

just checked, also in the latest, e1ec9a1299

TTy says 00:00:34 * : didn’t create node; [0.v4p ////, without name (ID: 4)](0.v4p ////, without name (ID: 4)): node with id 4 cannot be in factory or as filename
00:00:36 - : ExceptionDialog disabled.
00:00:36 * : couldn’t find/create node without name (ID: 4) in patch 0.v4p ////. deleting action.
00:00:36 * : couldn’t connect pins of unknown nodes. deleting action.

The same here, e1ec9a1299.
mainloop (vvvv)
mouse (system global), the window version works.

one other behavior that seems related to this, when I make a MainLoop, I can not delete it afterwards

should be fixed. thanks!

please report back if i am right

it seems to be working fine now :)

It works for me

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