Editing existing vl Node (from girlpower)

Hi there,

I need to change the inner workings of a .vl -Node (Firmata Devices).
I can edit&save the node - thbute resulting node/.vl files reside
somewhere in the application Folder (…/lib/nugets/…).
I would rather make a copy of the node and save it outside the application folder.
to make mypatch more portable.
How can I achieve that?

hei laika,

welcome to vvvv, sorry for the late reply.

let’s see…

  • the FirmataBoard (Devices) node is a module, which is a wrapper around a vl node
  • open it to find a FirmataBoard (Firmata Internal) the vl node inside, which is a wrapper of another vl node specifically made for vvvv beta
  • open it to find the original FirmataDevice (IO.Firmata) node inside

note that all of the above are defined in their own file. so depending on which level you want to interfere, different steps are needed.

so before we proceede let me ask you:

  • what exactly do you want to change? maybe it is something we should change/fix anyway on our end?
  • where (on which of the above levels) do you want to change that?

Hey, I just saw your answer.
I was going to use Firmata, but for a half-duplex wireless communication,
so i had to implement Call/Repsonse functionality.
I was running in Latency problems though,
so I switched to something simpler in the end.
(One way RS232 with own protocol/packet structure)

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