EDID fix via software

hi all,

we are working on a installation with a multi projections.

we are using 3 computers with one nvidia GeForce GTX 660 each…
each computer has 3 projectors (XJ-ST155) connected in spam surround mode…

my problem is:

the projectors, when they are in standby mode, do not send the EDID to the computer…
so i have to turn the projectors on before of the computers but if one of the projectors, for any reasons, turn off i loose the surround configuration because windows 7 automatically detect that the projector is not any more connected…

I try to figure out if, from the projector menu, is possible to always send the EDID even in standby mode… but no way…

the question is:

is there a way to fix the EDID via software some where in the register of windows 7?

or to turn the auto detection of the plug and play monitor?

thank you in advance


ui, a software solution for this (known and ugly) problem would be very nice.

we always used hardware edid-fixes like this one.

only hardware fixes and generally expensive. http://www.bromptontech.com/dvi_parrot a good one.

thank you sebl and xd_nitro for your help and for the links.
I was suspecting it… only hardware solution…

i think there are some software solutions but i don’t remember those making life easier at all.

for this reason we have a nice amount of different devices in our rental stock.
the cheapest one http://www.kramerelectronics.com/products/model.asp?pid=1596&sf=524#1 is a pure “minder”. sadly you may have problems to use those in arabian countries.

my favourite tool here is http://www.lightware.eu/index.php/edid-manager-v4 as it allows you to pick a resolution/framerate from a list . so you don’t have to rely on a faulty EDID implementation of your device.
Name of device also is nice…

for setting up on of those “minders” i usually prefer to let them learn from that Lightware-tool instead of the “real”-device.

dear alessandro,
knowing that you usually deal with the most professional companies in italy:
usually they should have plenty of those devices available.
furthermore i am quite sure that you won’t regret buying a few for own purposes…


btw nice feature:
http://www.lightware.eu/index.php/products/by-function/distribution-amplifiers/1185-da2dvi-hdcp-pro integrates a 2 way DVI-Splitter!

Dear Kalle,

thank you for your very helpful links and suggenstions…
as usual really precise and precious…

i lose 4 days googling and trying to figure out how to fix it via software, we did it in another project linux based and i thought it was possible even on windows…

any way we will move to the hardware solution

thank you very much


I picked a few of these off ebay for a reasonable price (£60 each) which had EDID memory too: