Edge detector shader

Hallo boys and girls, i have simple question, i need 3D edge detector shader… (Detect edges and glow) Better blue on black ;)
I found this:
http://developer.download.nvidia.com/shaderlibrary/packages/scene_lineDraw.zip wich does some edge detection, but, by itself, it dosn’t show a thing in a VVVV. What should i do?

And i have another quick question! If i group X-File with Pillow the nearest object hides other object but when i use line it shows it thru the pillow, is it a bug and can it be avoided?



have you tried the SobelEdgeDetect.fx which ships with \girlpower and is demoed in the ShadeYourPixels.v4p?!

the shader you linked is quite complex, nothing to get to work with vvvv within a few minutes.

concerning your second question…providing a patch that shows what you mean accompanying your words would probably help us understand what you mean.

So the first question, answer quite simple, i wanted 3D edge detector. I tryed sobel edge detection in first 15 minns but that effect is so crap, i think it’s possible to connect some simple edge detector from freeframe on that.

Looks like i have some graphics card issue from the begining it loads geometry like backsidefront.

i thoght it’s some kind of X-File problem, but then i tryed teapot and result was the same… Reinstalling windows, maybe i played too much with shaders.

bb.rar (8.5 kB)

herr inspektor is your friend !

select your renderer and set (in inspektor window) your window & fullscreen depthbuffer option to something cooler than NONE :)

Oh… That was in remarkable… We have to put it to the very basic tutorial! I already open chase to remove video-card! Now everything really smooth and anti-alias is 3. Phew!!!>.:)…ths.M8

and fresh windows is better ;)

So now i can get back to a freaking edge 3D edge detector.