Edge-Blending across 2 monitors with nvidia surround

Early stages of a project that requires 2 edge blended projectors - looking to use Catweasel’s lovvvvely contribution: multi-screen-homography-with-soft-edges

I want to use a full screen EX9 renderer for final out put across my 2 screens - however the GPU I’ve been supplied with is an nvidia and their surround only works with 3 monitors not 2.

Is the way round this to use a DVi Detective / Parrot and actually run on 3 screens but only use 2 - or is there another way round?!
Or just go Eyefinity instead?!

Lovvvve to all,

I use Eyefinity cause it’s more flexible/less restrictive about the used setup.
It can be a real pain in the ass to configure and it’s very hard to get a reliable setup without any DVI ghosts/detectives, but at least you don’t have to worry about fake-screens to use it at all ;)

// Edit: Only drawback I stumbled upon was with a 7950(2xDVI, HDMI, DP) where you can only use Eyefinity-mode with 3 Screens max and only use two of the non-DP-ports and the DP… 2xDVI+HDMI just won’t work and thus no 4 screen-setups are possible with this particular card.

ATI and Eyfinity was the answer to this.
Nvidia not moving on the Surround 2 screens thing…