Easy start DMX control?

Hallo! aus Japan.

very basic question on DMX device control…excuse me…

I already connected USB DMX device to PC, and PC recognized it.
I used connection check software “Doctor MX” and it functions, which means PC can control DMX lighting devices now.

so my question is, what’s next to start DMX device with using VVVV?
I found some dmx node, but it doesn’t say any DMX device number or names.

Please give me a prompt infomation.

Thank you, danke, merci, arigato.


Is the device one of the supported devices in vvvv?
Artnet is the easiest to use, and is a network protocol, but yours is usb, so its not that!
The Sunlight and DasLight controllers are supported, they use a dll called dashard.dll, that should be put in the same folder as the vvvv.exe, if its not one of those, you might be stuck, and need to get a plugin written!

I have good experience with the rodin1 controller. There is a “DasHard.dll” which is compatible with vvvv. Prob. your usb dmx device could be run with another .dll which is compatible with vvvv?