Easy Homography adjust

Hi all

When I need a Homography Adjustment, I usually make an IObox (Value Advanced), like the one with Original Points in the Homography help patch, for each adjustment I need to make. I do this to achieve more precise control by holding down shift and ctrl keys while right dragging.

I am currently making a new installation where people, not familiar with vvvv, will need to do homography adjustment of some projectors.

I would like to make a more friendly adjustment patch that work via network.

So this is a quick post before I begin making my own such patch to see if anyone of you have already made such an adjustment patch that you would be willing to share.


hi sunep ,

i made a variaty of those some time , but have them in the toDo pending staff mapping folder , i found this one ,open and put some commetns seem to work still in b27 , i made other version where to delete and modify existing points but never cleaned them and finish them to upload , hope it helps as a little example ;D
also have a look to PolyLine - 2d from fibo for more ideas .


HomoModule_CS09.zip (19.9 kB)
MultiHomograpgyBasic.v4p (20.4 kB)

kontrolleur? :)

You could have a go with this simple tool, that helps you to do homography with mouse, keyboard, add/delete layers etc…

New version coming soon.

Hi Joanie , nice to see you around , i sent you an email some months ago offering help and modules to join forces for the mapping toolkit , did you see it ?

Hey guys,

how about a collaboration on building a ready to use and well documented mapping system for vvvv? using latest developpements as old/basic techniques.


Hi all

I really like the direction my humble homography adjust request thread has taken :)

I like the joined forces on making a well documented mapping system and I will of course contribute as much as I can.

There are some steps as I see it, both practical but also in defining the different concepts.

I have not yet seen a thorough walk-through of the different types of mappings or a formal definition of what a projection mapping is. So helping out here would also be to define the different sub fields within the projection mapping field.

That said I feel that the system should consist of different parts so you don’t need a complex system if all you want to do is to match a rectangular image to a rectangular flat surface. But you sometimes need a more complex setup where you know about a complex, non flat, structure not consisting of rectangular surfaces… perhaps even curved surfaces.

obvious candidates for the systems for this would be either joanies mapping toolkit and Elliots maptools and I think that both parties would be obvious candidates for joining such a quest.

desax, sounds like you don’t have one? hehe… nor even ipod controlled?
For real do a db folder irc channel and let’s chat?
As for me i’m really interested in better softedges, and to make spreadable mask generator for all your needs, and do it in 1-pass hehe.

you never know what kind of shapes you have, but for most png or simple shape are ok, but pain if you did pngs and your working machine don’t have photoshop.

but i really like Joanie gui! that stuff 100% have a way to live!

Hey guys, nice to see some motivation / excitement here.

I’ve just uploaded a new version of my patches, you can find it here: http://antivj.com/mapping_toolkit/release_0.2c_alpha.zip

You can now add quads, edit them (mouse only, keyboard function is broken), save the files as svg, reload them etc…
Loads of new functions to come (see todo list)

I also made a github repo if anyone wants to help / contribute: https://github.com/AntiVJ/mapping_toolkit

cool, what we need to add an interface for texture transforms inside quads, and i would personally make an IoBox for spread of textures, without adding that stuff yet… cause now that thing looks much more complicated, and only way to edit it is keep it simple…

hi ,

@sunep hehe i thought you only needed to control some homographies .

@desax sure let,s try something altogether i,m more into small modules that work in itself doing a specific task keeping vvvv,s modular nature than a huge patch as projects may vary a lot , maybe good later to make a example patch with all little tools in harmony .

@joanie i saw your email now ;D , i,ll test your new release .

@anthokio i,m with you so far softegde is the one that got me more headache , usually end up using projectors blending app and this is possible with big ones medium and small do not usually have those tools . and a multiple grideditor like bezier -bspline based.

sorry not to clean up and add help patches, but maybe this helps in your endevour to do some modules.

EditWallMeshis using Homography to change the form of Quads, EditWallCamera uses a given reference Quad to change the Projection of a Renderer.

Handling is purely by keyboard (wireless keyboards are cheaper than iPads, hehe).

To change position of the indicated corner use Ctrl+CursorKeys, to go to the next corner use Return and to go to the next Quad use + (or - for the previous).

As for softedges, DynamicTexture has been the way to go for most cases.

homography.zip (15.3 kB)


this one is ready to use for immersive and 3d content/environments.
Comes from switchboy ;)

Thank you Marko.

It’s a shame I still didn’t find the time to bring the switchboy into a shape that other people can use it easily. However, with 27.1 everything finally works as expected.

hey joreg, did you bump this thread?

anyway, of course it didn’t work as expected (otherwise the source would have been promoted). as soon as my cleanup attempts reached a certain state, the patch would crash vvvv on startup. after spending a couple summer weekends on the problem and cleaning up again and again and again, work caught up.

i wish i could tell different. seeing this thread made me blush.