EAccessViolations on install script and shutdown of b25, mouse clicks don't show menu

Hi guys!
I need help. Just freshly installed b25 (without addons).
When I execute the install link, I have to "Ausführen als → uncheck “Programm und Daten vor nicht autorisierter Aktivität schützen”.
If I uncheck this box, startup and usermap look correct, only my mouseclicks don’t invoke vvvv’s menu or node list. clicking and editing text boxes works. map manipulation works as expected. On shutdown i get a popup:

If I don’t uncheck the box, the script only shows me a renderer, and parts of the usermap-intro are missing (earth tex for example). shutdown only works via taskbar-rightclick, and throws me

(Isn’t it fun that you can’t copy/paste such error msgs? Typing it manually is lots of fun…)

I am the only user, and administrator on my computer, a WinXP SP3 32bit install. directx is latest version (checked with the webinstaller from the vvvv downloads section, .net 3.5sp1 is installed, and my sys has never seen 3dsmax.

from our current understanding such errors relate to faulty .net installations. no idea how you could get such but please see https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/6744 for some checks you can obviously make.

setup verification was successfull. nevertheless, a uninstall of all .net packs and reinstall of 3.5sp1 brought no relief. will have to try further with the more involved clean procedure (no time now).

tzib, i wonder why you flagged joreg’s post as a solution when in fact it is not (yet)?

like i told glasspiel in the other thread, also try our new alpha from irc with /logstartup. should have better error reporting on what’s going wrong.
and don’t install .net 2, or .net 1, only install .net 3.5 sp1, nothing else. 3.5 contains 2.0 etc.

bilderbuchi, I had mistakenly deleted flagged as a solution from joreg, I flagged as a solution once again. sorry.

.net 1 and 2 were installed due to upgrading over time.
seems the changed winformsviewer from http://vvvv.org/forum/45b25-not-really-working-here has solved the issue of missing mouse buttons and errors on shutdown so far. will report and try alpha if errors turn up again.