e-Health Sensor Platform + Arduino + vvvv

Does this work with vvvv:

Just wanted to check if this thing will work with vvvv before ordering it (It’s some years ago I’ve used Arduino in vvvv). Thanks for any hints.

I used only the SP02 sensor. Using its library you can write values on the serial port and read in vvvv with RS232 (Devices).

The new toy just arrived (including the SPO2 sensor).

Do I need to work with the library or can I write the values directly through vvvv? I assume the Arduino runs with fermata, right? Does the shield attached to the Arduino need a specific upload? Sorry for the (dump) questions, I’m trying this for the first time. Thankful for any help and example patches!

There is an exhaustive tutorial here: https://www.cooking-hacks.com/documentation/tutorials/ehealth-biometric-sensor-platform-arduino-raspberry-pi-medical/#step4_1

You can upload on the Arduino the example code for the SPO2 sensor and read the values in vvvv with RS232 (Devices). Have a look at the help patch.

Thanks Idap. Found an example for Arduino that reads out the sensors (unfortunately not simultaneously). Btw, did you found a way to get individual pulse events out of the sensor? They are indicated on the LED on the top of the sensor (so the data should be somehow available). However the values I got so far are BPM.

I’m really interested in these sensors, too. so I’m curious to hear about your experiences. did you manage to get input of more than one sensor at the same time through the RS232? how do the sensors behave? are there big issues/problems one should be aware of?