E:cue e:net e-e-e-e-e-sure

I’m trying to work with an LED installation in a local nightclub. they’ve got a pixel grid of LED’s but all the DMX is sent through a set of 4 e:cue butlers (http://www.ecue.de/fileadmin/downloads/newflat/01-07_04_butler_handbuch_EN.pdf ) which are being talked to using a proprietary protocol called e*net.

This is all controlled by a Madrix software (http://www.madrix.com/)

Of course, I’ve convinced them to let me use vvvv instead, but i dont know how to deal with these e:cue butlers which use their own proprietary protocol. None of the e:cue’s built in functions (i.e. show storage/replay) will ever be used, so the next option is to try and convince them to use artnet instead (and switch over the DMX lines every time they want to use their old software), but that would take more negotiation.

Anybody got any experience with e*net or e:cue?

Did you already try the DMX (Devices ecue Butler) -node?

thought that’d be far too good to be true. so didn’t even look
/hangs head in shame/

ah, gee…
i also still stumble about nodes i don’t remember having them tried before…