Dynamixel Servos

Hello everyone,

I would like to use these Dynamixel Servos with vvvv.

I found @elliotwoods Nuget DynamixelSDKSharp but couldn’t figure out how to use it. Also the icons in the Node Browser for that Nuget are green (?) and I have a feeling this is not meant to be used with VL(?)… Or is it?

So, are there any experiences on working with Dynamixels in vvvv in the community?
Thanks and all the best,

That simply means it’s an external type, something you have imported in VL.

hey clockdivider, have a look at this sketch:
VL.Dynamixel-WIP.zip (6.4 KB)

i have no dynamixel here to actually test this, but it looked straight forward enough, that this sketch could already work and return you a list of names of the servos connected to the port you specify.

hope it helps…

dear joreg,

thanks very much for having a look at this!

Unfortunately the library already fails to transmit the instruction packet:

I’ll try the direct approach with the lib in C# in a couple of days and report my progress (if there is any ;) ).

Thanks again for helping! All the best,

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