Dynamische Erzeugung von Objekten

sicherlich kennt Ihr das Demo-Patch, das beim Start von vvvv beta8 erscheint…
Wir hätten jetzt zusätzlich noch gerne, dass diese Objekte dynamisch erscheinen und verwaltbar sind… (die Anzahl der Objekte ist vorher nicht feststehend sondern soll dynamisch addier- bzw. multiplizierbar sein)
Hat jemand von Euch ne Idee wie wir das realisieren könnten?!

how to create objects dynamically?

i am not sure if i understood your question right - so here are two answers. pick the right one to your question:

(1) Creating and destroying rendered objects is simply possible by changing the spread count. the number of objects drawn is the maximum of all incoming spread counts at the drawing objects.
Changing the spread count will add or remove objects at the end of the spread.
If you want to delete or insert individual objects in the middle of the spread, you need to swap the incoming object values: By swapping the transformations, textures and colors (for example by using GetSlice or SetSlice) you can make look any slice look like another slice - the slice indices can change but the objects on the screen look the same - nobody will see your trick.

(2) If you were asking for creating vvvv nodes at runtime - Some people managed to do so, but we consider it mostly unsupported. see FAQ Patching