Dynamic Window Sizes

Hey there folks,

I was just thinkin it would be real swell and handy if patch windows were able to resize themselves according to the contents of the patch. To explain what I mean, if you’ve got say 8 nodes in a patch, and at some point during building the patch you’ve resized the window so it’s covering the whole of your desktop::if you could then hit a couple of keys and the window resized to the area the nodes are in plus a border. That’s something that I would appreciate and I’ll tell you why…

I make a lot of audio reactive stuff and tend to jam away when tracks are playing making a patch do one thing, then creating a new one and doing something else, then mixing them all together in my vvvvideomixer module. Because of this, I end up with a load of v4 files that all have useful stuff in them but when I need them to play out with all I want to do is open them and then have them available in the video mixer. Sometimes I end up spending valuable seconds, in between messing around doin fun stuff, resizing these windows. I know that a little organization on my part would eliminate this problem but because of the free flowing nature of creating the patches(Due mainly to the fooking awesomeness of this little piece of software;O) I never get round to it cos I’m off making somethin else…
anyone else feel the same?
peace out bras;)

you could patch your own module that does that, using the patchs’ xml description (via GetPatch (VVVV) )& the SetPatchMode (VVVV) node.

hi i think i saw a module like that before look into kalle,s resize window or something like that it was called then you could modify from that