Dynamic tubes, seashells etc

hi folks! i did a lot of dynamic tubes in openGL/jitter some time ago. they progressed into 3d space, driven by noise functions. in fact i used a lot for expressions and formulas.

i am now trying to get the whole thing started in vvvv and at the moment i am totally lost. i checked the seashell example to get an idea. also the retro surfer ex. was very useful. and i saw these awesome screenshots of the tendril shader. i managed to build a spring, that expands along the z axis, but it´s slow (grid dim is 20) and bad patching. any idea idea, how to start?

thank you,


@majortom deworm project might be worth looking at

oh yeah! thanx for the tip. and i do hope the worm is spreadable…this is my new addiction…hahaha

grüsse aus scheisslinz,


hi sinus, at a certain spread count vvvv gets slow. you should have a look into the surfaces shader from desaxismundi, it includes all functions you need to do generative geometry on the GPU, which is much faster…