Dynamic Texture

As most off us found out in Beta10, the awesome retro machine, this node only works when you work with values like 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,1024 (powers of 2??).

I have a Patch here with (too many) Dynaimic textures in them, everything stays white, unless I tweak the values.

No one posted a bug report… I have a GF FX5700…

Prety weird… tested the same patches on a GF6600 LE and the Dynamic Texture works…

(just glad the final patch is using that 6600) :)

i guess its this bug

On 08.04.06 [03:09 UTC](03:09 UTC) I should have gone to bed… like my daddy told me ;)

Hope we get a bug fix soon!!

yeah, it’s the bug with dynamic textures, i also got bluescreen and reboot if i touch anything in the DTnode… with a quadro 1400