Dynamic Texture invents colors

Or I don’t understand how it works. See attached. on 2021.4.6
WhereDoTheColorsComeFrom.vl (9.3 KB)

Change the Texture Format :

Maybe the format doesn’t match the data? The colors are 32-bit float in VL, so you have to set the format to that. If you use a 8 bit per channel texture use the ToInteger node for the color to sample them down to 8-bit per channel.

And for grayscale you can extract one channel of the color and use a single channel texture format. Like R32_Float or so.

Shouldn’t Dynamic texture just work when you input colors into it?

If I make a fresh DynamicTexture2D and connect a spread of Colors to it, it goes from greyed out to normal. why don’t it just accept the type of the input like all the other generic nodes?

Yes and no, textures accept any data, you can use a collection of bytes, integers, floats, vectors… so the color is only a special case. also, the mapping from one element in the input doesn’t have to map to pixels, you might want to have a spread, where a pack of 4 floats consecutive should be interpreted as one pixel, etc…

however, if you are one of the lucky people in the world who know vvvv beta, you might expect one that only accepts a collection of colors and resamples them internally to whatever format you set. We could add a DynamicTexture2D (Color) or so…


I see, that is very flexible.

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