Dynamic structure


I have a few conceptual questions.

so far I have created v4 applications where the structure was mostly fixed or based on simple spreadable components. now I want to make something like a menu, for example there are a few floating text elements the user can click on. now problem so far, i can make this simple text elements spreadable.

behind each text element is a submenu, with videos, image galleries, html sites…

the user could click a few of the text and open several submenus parallel.

the question is how to make a complex structure spreadable… I dind’t find a useful approach, something like multiple instances of a class in OO…

would be glad if someone has a simple but fruitful demo project.

maybe it is a fit here :)

sorry for the hassle: make a new folder /packs in your vvvv folder, create a folder /vvvv-Message and copy the contents of the 7z into the folder, make sure you pick the right one.

feedback welcome

Hi velcrome, with x86 I can’t find the dll for RemoveField in 101 (Message).v4p

it’s been renamed to Prune