Dynamic rope/ribbon geometry in vvvv gamma

for visualising a 3d printer path i need a rope/ribbon object in vvvv gamma/stride. is there allready something in the package. if not whats the best way to patch it?

i need:
-fast as the path can be quite long typically >20 000 points
-variable thickness from point to point
-dynamic changes in position, thickness and amount of points
-connect point to point in a straight line (no splines, curves etc. needed)
-preferably a geometry like spheres/tubes which reacts to lights, to get a closer look to the printed object

any hints?

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Hi, checked on the stride, and there no default spline it seems… hmm

Then there is this, but nothing else…

I have my hands scratching on porting spline from instance noodles, but i doubt I’ll have an evening open for it… Guess your bet is to look on stride forum or discord, maybe there is git repo somewhere…

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