Dynamic Plugin <> Visual Studio

When debugging a dynamic plugin in Visual Studio using ‘attach to process’, what is the correct way to synchronise VS <> vvvv once code has been edited in VS?

none yet - ideally the code editor would ask whether or not to reload the document. i’ll create an internal issue for it, but can’t tell you when it will get implemented.

Thanks Elias.

So what’s the best way of working with these together? To only edit code in vvvv then reload in VS?

either that or ctrl+a, ctrl+c & ctrl+v ;)

I also want this feature, but mostly for shaders. Usually i’m using Sublime for shader editing + fxc for comilation and testing, because it can show you assembler code and the number of instructions used. But every time i’m edit the shader i need to restart vvvv.

See https://discourse.vvvv.org/