Dynamic Plugin Tutorial


I wanted to work with the Dynamic Plugin Tutorial and his 12 steps. But i cannot access the other 11 sections. Only section 1 is displayed for me and i cannot click #2-#12 please help me.


hei puschek,

i’m afraid those tutorials have never been written. i just made that clear on the page here:

some of the topics mentioned are covered briefly on this page:

otherwise please don’t hesitate to ask any questions here in the forum.

Thank you for your quick reply!

I have 2 main problems im working on at the moment.

I am reading in text files from a folder (all text files which are inside the folder).
I want to do 2 simple things with the output data:
-delay the output between current and next file that i read
-comine this with reading more files befor delaying (4 files-> output data from all 4 files, wait until read next 4 files)

If i use the Thread.sleep option, my whole programm freezes (what is natural). But i have no clue how i could just make somehting like a delay between the first and secound file i read.



Thread sleep not gonna work cause you are calling it in the main thread. I don’t think you need c#, what would I do is read all the data from all the files then get slice with bin sizes and delay on index…

So you would just read all data in and after that just iterate with a delay on the index? Seems if it could work :)

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