Dynamic Plugin how to create enumeration from available COM ports

Hi there,

I am writing a dynamic plugin to interface to a GSM Modem for sending SMS-Messages, the device is connected by a virtual COM-Port. By creating the node I like to populate a enumeration input pin with the available COM-Ports. How can this be done? Is there a constructor when the node (dynamic plugin) is called for the first time? Or are there other possibilities to get a list of the available COM-Ports to populate them to an enumeration input pin.

Thanks in advance


hello, you can copy most parts from the new RS232 node i guess. its open source: https://github.com/vvvv/vvvv-sdk/blob/develop/vvvv45/src/nodes/plugins/Devices/RS232Node.cs

Thank You, tonfilm it works :-) Now I have to buy a new SIM :-)